Thursday, August 5, 2010

Controlling Woot-off Lights using the Parallel Port

Here is a cheap recipe for making woot-off lights that actually turn on and spin during a woot off using the parallel port and a small amount of Perl. Stock lights connect to the PC with a USB plug, but supply power only to both lights and motors. By default there is no control over the function of the lights, other than a small on/off switch on the front of each light. I noticed a few people doing similar projects with expensive usb controllers, but since few people use the parallel port on their PCs anymore, creating functioning woot-off lights costs less than $10 including the lights!

Logitech Wingman Reborn

Due to my undying love for this silly old mouse, I decided to give it an upgrade. The old ball system just wasn't working for me any longer, so a transplant was in order.