Logitech Wingman Reborn

Due to my undying love for this silly old mouse, I decided to give it an upgrade. The old ball system just wasn't working for me any longer, so a transplant was in order.

With all the guts removed, the internals of a Microsoft Intellimouse were mounted in it's place. The optics and plastic mounting were glued into the hole where the ball used to be. This was almost a perfect fit and required only a little dremel-ing. There was a daughterboard which included the switches used by the buttons and mouse wheel which was discarded. (I forgot to snap some pics before this thing made it to a landfill)

Above is the main board from the Logitech Mouseman mouse with the lower third of the pcb removed to accommodate the Intellimouse circuitry. Only the switches and related circuitry was used. Using this piece allowed for all the buttons on the enclosure to make proper contact to the switches on this board. Otherwise, lots of custom fabrication would have been required.
All of the leads in place, ready to connect with the Microsoft pcb. Connecting the Microsoft pcb to a PC and jumping the leads made it easy to figure out which buttons were being activated.

Unholy union of Logitech and Microsoft. This was clearly never meant to happen.

Everything is powered up and ready for a test run. Quake 2 nostalgia, here I come. (without the 40lb CRT). I'm not sure how much luck it took for everything to line up so well, but I'm guessing it was somewhere between winning the lottery and winning a Bandolier of Carrots from Woot.

I may make this my new gaming mouse, since I rarely use a wheel to do things like switch weapons. Although, it only took a few minutes to realize how much I rely on a wheel to browse the web. Fortunately, I can leave the both plugged in via USB.

Donatello is pleased.


  1. Que buena tortuga ninja compadre!

  2. you need a crt emulator shader hacked into quake 2 simulating a 640x480 14" crt (and i mean, smoothing, noise, every pixel has dark borders and ofcourse the bulge of the crt which is possible with the nvidia 3dvision crap)

  3. This is epic! Very nice job! I can definitely appreciate your motivation and dedication trying to get your classic mouse upgraded. This mouse model was actually my first computer mouse ever but I think it was thrown out year ago. Thanks to your article, I now feel like finding a used one on ebay :)

    SkinnyV -



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